Yosemite Landscapes 1855-1991

“Yosemite Landscapes 1855-1991″展がヴァレーのMuseum Galleryで開催されています。9月30日まで。 10 – 12 am, 1-4 pm。

Yosemite Landscapes 1855-1991 in the Museum Gallery through September 30, features a selection of landscape paintings and drawings from the park’s museum collection from the earliest representations of the valley by Thomas Ayres through the work of contemporary artists. Albert Bierstadt’s “Night at Valley View” is on exhibit for the first time in several years, after conservation treatment and reframing through the generosity of the Yosemite Fund. The gallery is open daily, 10 – 12 am, 1-4 pm. (B. Beroza – 6/13/05)

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