Mariposa Grove Road will open…

The Mariposa Grove Road will open to public motor vehicle traffic on Saturday, March 31, 2007 at 0800 hours. Due to excessive moisture in the road bed a weight restriction will be enforced. Vehicles weighting in excess of 7000 lbs. will not be allowed to drive on the Mariposa Grove Road until further notice. The Mariposa Grove DNC gift shop will also open on Saturday, March 31. (M. Dowdle – 3/29/07)
The Wawona Golf Course will open for the season on Saturday, March 31. (M. Dowdle – 3/29/07)
Trails Closure/Lower Yosemite Falls Trail – Surface improvements of the east side of the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail (accessibility trial) is scheduled to start April 9th through May 9th. For employee and public safety concerns the segment of trail from the Lower Yosemite Comfort Station to the Main Yosemite Falls Bridge will be closed to all traffic throughout this work period. Please contact Mike Pieper 379-1263 or Jose Lopez 372-0576 for any questions concerning the project. (J. Lopez – 3/29/07)