Tioga Roadでの夜間駐車は禁止:10月15日より

ということで、Tioga Road上に車を止めてのBackpackingは不可になります。もちろんハイキング(日帰り)のための駐車は可能です。またHDケーブルも同じ頃Downします。
Effective on October 15 there is no overnight parking anywhere on the Tioga Road between Crane Flat and Tioga Pass. This includes all pullouts, turnouts, parking lots, and side roads in Tuolumne Meadows and along the Tioga Road. In addition there will be no bus service or any other facilities available along the Tioga Road after October 1. Be fully prepared for everything you will need on your hike, including either being picked up or dropped off on the Tioga Road. In addition after the 15th be prepared for the possibility that the Tioga Road may be closed due to snow and you will have to hike to another road or developed are that is open.
The Half Dome cables are set to be taken down on October 16, 2006. They will remain down all winter and are usually put back in place in the week before Memorial Day Weekend.