Bear Activities

Weekly Bear Activity
*Bears continue to be active in all Valley campgrounds. There is a bear that checks the cars at Camp 4 on a nightly basis. She also seeks food in the campground.
*A large bear has been obtaining food from lockers that are improperly locked in the Pines campgrounds.
*A small bear was observed eating garbage in the Curry Village area.
*There were 5 car break-ins in the East Valley developed areas.
*Bears have been observed foraging naturally in the meadows near Crane Flat.
*A bear has been observed in the White Wolf campground, attempting to obtain food.
*A bear has been observed on the Mist Trail. Keep your food within arms reach at all times!
*In the backcountry, most observations have been from Cloud’s rest to LYV.

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  1. 以前泊まったキャンプサイトのベアボックスにはクマの爪痕が鮮明につけられており、おまけに扉の端のほうがすこしねじ曲げられていました。