Red bear

土曜日(9/3)にTioga Pass Rdを車で走っていたら、

Tioga Passのエントランスステーションに説明が張り紙されていました。
T1 Tuolumne Grove
T4 view point
T10 Yosemite Creek Camp分岐
T15 Yosemite Creek
T17 Porcupine Flat
T35 Dana Meadow
T37 Mono Pass

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  1. 初めて見ますね。(それとも気がつかなかっただけか)

  2. NPSのDaily Reportにこのサインについての記述がありました。
    “Red Bear, Dead Bear”
    Have you noticed the new red bear markers along the Tioga Road? These markers, placed in areas where several bears have been hit by cars in recent years, are part of a signing campaign to reduce road-kill in Yosemite. Following a series of studies and well documented accounts by Yosemite National Park, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Yosemite Institute, it has become clear that a large number of animals are killed each year by vehicles. Preliminary observations indicate that most of these incidents occur on certain stretches of park roads and usually involve speeding vehicles. The goal of this pilot program is to increase visitor? awareness of the high frequency of vehicle-animal collisions, encourage visitors to be aware of wildlife along roadsides and to observe posted speed limits.
    We will be evaluating the effectiveness of the pilot program over the next two months. We welcome your input, especially regarding the visibility of the new signs. Messages can be left on the Bear Hotline at (209) 372-0322.
    Already this year, 10 bears have been hit by cars in Yosemite. Please remember that Yosemite National Park is a wildlife preserve: by driving the speed limit, you are helping to protect the park and its wildlife.? (V. Seher – 9/09/05)