Glacier Point Road除雪状況

二日前(10日)で、7.4マイルほどの除雪を終えています。あと25%を残すだけです。まだ正式発表はありませんが、月末のメモリアルウイークエンド開通を目指しているのでしょうか(かなり難しそうですが)。黄色点:左手前はTunnel View、右はBadger Passのスキー場(除雪開始点)。奥は左からCurry Village、Glacier Point、除雪到達地点。東は上側。


Glacier Point:
We are now at the parking lot. Although we are at the Glacier Point parking lot, there is still a lot of work to be done before any traffic can be allowed to Glacier Point. We have to widen the road (cut back the snow banks), trim trees sticking out into the roadway, road repair, ditching, and all of the sign work. We also need to plow out all the turnouts and access roads.
Valleyの俯瞰:赤い点は、手前左からSentinel Dome、Glacier Point駐車場、Curry Village、Vernal Fall、 Nevada Fall。奥はYosemite Falls、 Mirror Lake、Half Dome(北は上側)。

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