Badger Passの積雪状況

Tioga Passの開通日はいつごろでしょう?
Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2004
Time: 5:02am
Base Depth: 6-9 feet
New Snow Last 24 Hours: 6 inches and still falling.
Surface Conditions: Powder and Groomed Powder.
Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy. Highs 22 to 32.



The Division of Interpretation and Education is moving away from traditional photographic slide use and into the digital realm of Powerpoint. To that end we are surveying the majority of our traditional slide equipment including projectors, slide trays, dissolve units, etc. While we will expand our ability to assist other divisions with their digital media needs, our ability to support traditional slide shows will be greatly reduced. Should you wish to maintain your own stock of traditional slide equipment, you will be able to acquire our surveyed equipment for a limited time by contacting Raye Santos. (T. Medema – 12/20/04)

Protection added to land near Yosemite

今日のSan Jose Mercury News より。

ヨセミテ国立公園に隣接する個人所有のRansome牧場(面積730エーカー)が“The Pacific Forest Trust”(サンタ・ローザに本部がある民間の環境保全団体)によって購入され、保全されることになったということです。この土地はかつてジョン・ミューアがヨセミテ国立公園の境界を提案した際に含まれていたが、木材会社のロビー活動によって除外されていたもので、「私たちはこれによって、ミューアのオリジナルのビジョンを完成させ、彼が認識した価値を回復することができる。」とトラストの会長は話しています。(要約:にしむら)

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Tioga Road、Glacier Point Roadが来春まで閉鎖する可能性が考えられます。
Today: A 70 percent chance of rain and snow. Snow accumulation up to 4 inches. Snow level 7500 feet. Highs at 5000 feet 53 to 63. 8000 feet 37 to 47.
Tonight: Rain likely and snow. Snow accumulation up to 5 inches. Snow level 7000 feet. Lows at 5000 feet 41 to 48. 8000 feet 18 to 28. Chance of rain and snow 80 percent.
Monday: Rain likely and snow. Snow accumulation up to 3 inches. Snow level 6500 feet. Highs at 5000 feet 44 to 54. 8000 feet 28 to 38. Chance of rain and snow 70 percent.
Monday night: Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain and snow. Snow level 6000 feet. Lows at 5000 feet 25 to 35. 8000 feet 18 to 28.
Tuesday: A 60 percent chance of rain and snow. Snow level 6000 feet. Highs at 5000 feet 39 to 49. 8000 feet 23 to 33.
Tuesday night: A 70 percent chance of rain and snow. Lows at 5000 feet 24 to 33. 8000 feet 17 to 26.
Wednesday: Partly cloudy with showers. Highs at 5000 feet 36 to 46. 8000 feet 22 to 31. Chance of showers 30 percent.

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Porcupine Flatのキャンプ場もクローズとなりました。Tuolumne Meadowsのガスステーションも営業終了したようですので、これでClane Flat-Tioga Pass間はすべてのサービスが終わったことになります。ヨセミテ・ハイカントリーでは冬も間近ですね。

Half Dome登山の今シーズン最終日


The Half Dome cables are scheduled to be taken down for the season on Wednesday, 10/13.
In the event of inclement weather forecasted (major winter storm) prior to 10/13, the cables will be taken down before the storm reaches Yosemite.? This action is necessary for the safety of the crew taking the cables down.? (J. Lopez – 9/24/04)