Andrew Skurka のGreat Western Loopチャレンジ

Andrew Skurka がPCT(Pacific Crest Trail)、CDT(Continental Divide Trail)を含むGWT(全6,875マイル)に挑戦しています。200日で終える予定です。詳しくはこちら。氏は去年、PCTのカリフォルニア区間1,700マイルを45日で踏破しています(一日平均38マイル)。5月19日にはTuolumne Meadowsにいたようです。



The Half Dome cables are up for the season. Columbus Day (October 8) is normally the last day the cables are up. (Learn more about the Half Dome hike.)


ヨセミテ国立公園は5月10日、チリの「Torres del Paine National Park(トーレス・デル・パイネ国立公園)」と姉妹国立公園提携の締結を行ったようです。今後、自然保護、職員研修、科学調査や環境教育など公園管理の全般において協力していくということです。
ヨセミテ国立公園は2006年5月に中国の「Huangshan National Park(黄山風景名勝区)」と姉妹公園提携を結んでいます。

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Yosemite Valley Stables is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for two-hour rides, with half-day rides beginning on May 12th. Wawona Stables will open on May 18th from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for two-hour rides and half-day rides beginning May 23rd. Tuolumne Meadows Staples will open June 8th for two-hour rides. (JR Gehres/J. Ernest – 5/11/07)


Hetch Hetchy summer hours – Hours of operation through Labor Day will be 0700 – 2100. For further information or questions please contact the Hetch Hetchy Ranger Station at 379-1928 or the Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station at 379-1922. (C. Rawlings – 4/23/07)
Starting today 4-30-07 the Yosemite Lodge At The Falls Bike Stand hours of operation are as follows. The stand will be open for 9:00 am till 6:00 PM. The last bike will rent out at 4:45 PM and all bikes need to be in by 5:45 PM. Thank you and we will see you on the bike path!!! (S. Costello/D. Price – 4/30/07)

The National Geographic TV Channel

The National Geographic Channel will be airing “Secret Yosemite” at 10 pm tonight, Monday, April 23rd. Future airings include Friday, April 27th, at 10pm and Sunday, the 29th, at 5pm. This documentary features our unique geologic fomations, the Giant Sequoia groves, Yosemite Falls, and a glimpse of our staff and operations, as described by the Producer, “Few experience Yosemite’s wild heart like the men and women you’ll meet in Secret Yosemite” (S. Clark – 4/24/07)

TMM and Tioga Rd. snow conditions

少し古い情報ですが、Tioga Road東側は料金所まで除雪完了。
April 11, 2007
Weather: (April 4- April 10)
High temp: 59° (April 4)
Low temp: 17° (April 10)
New Snow: 0”
Total settled snow depth: 0”
Ski Conditions and Weather: The ski season is rapidly drawing to a close here at Tuolumne. Warm afternoon temperatures, lots of sun, and no new snow have combined to melt all the snow around the ranger station where we traditionally measure our snowpack. Therefore, the “base” here at Tuolumne is officially 0 inches. There is, however, still snow in many places such as the main portion of Tuolumne Meadows, the slopes and bowls near Elizabeth Lake, and the upper reaches of Lyell Canyon. All the snow bridges are gone in most places, so river and creek crossings are a problem unless you either use a footbridge or want to get wet. In many places you have to take your skis off to bypass areas of bare ground and then put them back on once you reach snow again. Highway 120 above the road closure gate outside of Lee Vining has been plowed to Tioga Pass, so skiers entering from the east side will have 8 miles of bare pavement to either walk or bicycle prior to reaching the snow. The gate at the bottom of the hill will probably not open until April 27, just in time for fishing season. Farther west along highway 120, you will have to walk the last two miles or so to Tuolumne Meadows, as the road has completely melted out. Skiers entering from the west side should be aware that the park begins their snow plowing operations from Crane Flat on April 16, so the snow line on the west end of highway 120 will be changing on a daily basis, and you may have to bypass snow removal equipment if you ski in on a weekday.