Tioga Rd.除雪は4月15日から開始

しかし、雪が少ないためメモリアルデイ ウイークエンドまでには開通しそうです。
Last update: April 11, 2013
National Park Service road crews will assess the Tioga Road on or about April 15, however, the current plan is to begin plowing on May 15. With the mild winter, we’re optimistic the Tioga and Glacier Point Roads may open by Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27).



Yosemite ConservancyのFacebookページで、今週末の積雪予報についてお知らせが出ています。
Snow is in the forecast for Yosemite through Saturday! Watch the snow falling on Yosemite Conservancy webcams (http://www.yosemiteconservancy.org/webcams) and be sure to share these awesome views with your friends.
Visitors should be prepared for tire chain requirements and for possible closures of the Tioga, Glacier Point, and/or Mariposa Grove Roads. If you’re visiting in the next few days, check current road conditions by calling 209/372-0200 (then dial 1 then 1).



Dear Yosemite National Park Visitor,
Every year we are proud to welcome almost four million people to Yosemite National Park. Thank you for your visit this summer.
As you may be aware, Yosemite has been in the news recently related to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), a rare but serious disease that occurs throughout the United States, usually in rural areas. Your recent overnight visit to Yosemite did not include a stay in lodging where the known hantavirus infections might have occurred; however, we wanted to take this opportunity to increase public awareness about hantavirus. We are contacting you as the reservation holder and we ask you to share the following information with the rest of your party.
Hantavirus can be contracted as a result of contact with urine, droppings or saliva from infected rodents, primarily deer mice. It is not spread person-to-person. State and NPS public health officials have confirmed that eight people who visited the park this summer have been diagnosed with HPS. Tragically, three people have died; the other five individuals have recovered.
Seven of the confirmed cases have been linked to overnight stays in June and July in Curry Village’s Signature tent cabins, which have been closed indefinitely. The eighth case involves a visitor who stayed in multiple High Sierra Camps. We have reached out to reservation holders who stayed in these facilities since early June to provide information on HPS and to encourage anyone who exhibits hantavirus symptoms to seek medical attention.
Public health officials have no evidence at this time to indicate that persons who stayed elsewhere in the park this summer were at increased risk of exposure to hantavirus. Nevertheless, we want to ensure that all our guests have accurate and current information on hantavirus. For additional information about Yosemite and reports of hantavirus, please visit Yosemite’s website at http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/hantavirus.htm. If you have additional questions about hantavirus, you can find out more on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at http://www.cdc.gov/hantavirus/ or by calling their hotline at 1-800-CDC-INFO.
Yosemite is working closely with public health officials to reduce the risk of hantavirus. We continue to make the health and safety of our visitors our top priority, and we hope to see you in one of our nation’s treasured national parks again soon.
Yosemite National Park

ハンタウイルス属は、感染した齧歯動物(主にシカネズミ)から、尿、糞または唾液との接触の結果として契約されることができます。 それは、指名で広げられません。州とNPS公衆衛生当局は、この夏公園を訪問した8人がHPSとともに診断されたことを確認しました。悲劇的にも、3人は死にました;その他の5人の個人は回復しました。
この夏公園の他の部分にいた人がハンタウイルスへの露出で危険が高かったことをこの時に示す証拠が、有名な防疫官にはありません。 それでも、我々は、すべての客にはハンタウイルスに関する正確で現在の情報があることを確実としたいです。ヨセミテに関するさらなる情報とハンタウイルスの報告については、http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/hantavirus.htm.でヨセミテのウェブサイトを訪問してください。ハンタウイルスについてのさらなる質問をするならば、http://www.cdc.gov/hantavirus/の疾病管理予防センター(CDC)ウェブサイトで、または、1-800-CDC-INFOで彼らのホットラインを呼ぶことによって、あなたはより多くがわかることができます。



すでに掲示板でも話題になっていますが、ネズミが媒介となっておこる感染症”Habtavirus CardioPulmonary Syndrome (HCPS)”で患者の死亡事例が出ています。



White Wolf Campground is now open

White Wolf Campground is now open. (M. Carter)
More DNC Openings
White Wolf Lodge is now open for the 2012 summer. Wawona and Tuolumne Stables are
now open for the 2012 summer. (W. Kearns)



The Half Dome cables are down for the season. The cables are scheduled to be ready for use on May 25, 2012 (conditions permitting). Permits will be required seven days per week to hike to the top of Half Dome in summer 2012.