The Tuolumne Meadows Sport Shop and Gas Station is now open for the season

The Tuolumne Meadows Sport Shop and Gas Station is now open for the season from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm daily with backing packing, climbing and outdoor supplies available. Climbing and hiking lesson are now offered at Curry Village and will be available in Tuolumne this July. Gas may be purchased by using a credit card at the pump 24 hours per day. Please enjoy the drive to Tuolumne and be aware of Wildlife crossing the highway – obey posted speed limits.
(V. McMichael – 6/1/09)


Mariposa Groveトラムツアー運行開始

Mariposa Groveトラムツアーが今シーズンの運行を開始しています。

The Mariposa Grove Big Trees tram tours are available daily starting May 8, 2009. There are no advance
reservations, you may book a tour at the Mariposa Grove. Please call direct at 375-1621 for rates and departure times. (V.McMichael – 5/8/09)

Housekeeping Campが営業開始


Housekeeping Camp Opens Friday, April 17, 2009. Due to construction activities on Southside Drive, access to Housekeeping Camp is available by following the orange detour signs directing visitors to Curry Village. HousekeepingCamp provides rustic overnight accommodations, a store, and public laundry facilities. For additional information about this and other visitor services in Yosemite Valley, go to (V. McMichael – 4/16/09)


The Mist Trail is now open for the season. The “Ice Cut”, Clark Point to Nevada Fall, on the John Muir Trail is still closed due to hazardous ice build up. (K. Watson – 4/3/09)

Conditions Update

NPSのConditions Updateでは、早春のヨセミテ滝の写真が掲載されています。


Bridalvail Creek,Clane Flat,Tuolumne Meadowsの6/15-7/14分の受付も2月15日午前7時(PST)から。


TBSテレビ「NAME-X 挑み続ける者たち」(毎週火曜日21:54〜関東地区で放映)で

David Uberuaga氏が公園管理所長の後任に

公園管理事務所長Mike Tollefson氏の引退のあと、現マウント・レニエ国立公園管理事務所長のDavid Uberuaga氏が後任に決まったようです。なおTollefson氏は引退後、The Yosemite Fundの会長に就任する予定です。
David “Dave” Uberuaga (You burr ah gah) will serve as acting superintendent of Yosemite National Park, Calif, beginning
January 4, 2009. He arrives at the park as Superintendent Mike Tollefson retires from federal service.
Daily Report – Yosemite National Park
Uberuaga, a 24-year veteran of the National Park Service (NPS) is the current superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, Wash. He will move to Yosemite Valley and assume Tollefson’s place until the selection of the next superintendent for the park is selected by Regional Director Jonathan B. Jarvis and the Director of the NPS.
While Uberuaga is stationed in California, his deputy, Randy King, will serve as superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park.
“I have enormous confidence in Dave,” Jarvis said in making the appointment. “Dave and Mike have served together on leadership councils within the NPS and their relationship ensures a smooth transition.”
Among the challenges Uberuaga has worked on this year at Mount Rainier is the rehabilitation of the historic Paradise Inn and completion of a new park visitor center also at Paradise. He will be following Tollefson who has shepherded the rehabilitation of Yosemite Falls and Tunnel View.
“It will be difficult to fill Mike’s shoes,” Uberuaga said. “He retires having achieved tremendous success and a solid relation with the community, and it will be a pleasure to work collaboratively with him as he assumes the position of President of the Yosemite Fund.”
The selection of a permanent superintendent at Yosemite will take several months. The superintendent is a Senior Executive Service (SES) position, the highest career level in the federal government. The rigorous application process is open to SES qualified individuals within the NPS.
“Dave’s a solid manager,” Tollefson said. “I can’t think of a better way to start my new position with the Yosemite Fund then by working with him.” (-NPS-)