冬期閉鎖となっていたGLACIER POINT ROADが暖かい天気が続いたため、21日金曜日から再オープンしています。
The Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park will open for all vehicles on Friday, November 21, 2008, at 8:00 a.m. The road has been closed due to ice and snow on the road. However, with the recent warm weather, the road will reopen to all traffic. There will be no commercial facilities available at Glacier point, although restrooms will be available.
The Tioga Road remains closed in Yosemite National Park. (-NPS-/K. Cobb – 11/21/08)

Tioga Road,Glacier Point Roadは冬期閉鎖

降雪のため10月末でTioga Road,Glacier Point Roadは冬期閉鎖となりました。

Tioga Road to close in Yosemite National Park
With the arrival of the first winter storm of the season, the Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park will close this evening at 7:00 p.m. The storm is bringing rain to the Sierra Nevada region with significant snowfall expected at higher elevations.
Once the storm has passed, an assessment will be made on the reopening of the Tioga Road. (-NPS-)


Glacier Point Road to Open in Yosemite National Park
Road to Mariposa Grove Opened April 26, 2008; Tioga Road Plowing Progressing Well Yosemite National Park Superintendent Mike Tollefson announced today that the Glacier Point Road is expected to open to visitors Friday, May 2, 2008 at noon. Glacier Point is located about 30 miles from Yosemite Valley off the Wawona Road, the section of State Highway 41 inside the park. Restrooms along the road and the Glacier Point Snack Stand will be open to visitors on Friday as well. Additionally, the Mariposa Grove Road opened on April 26, 2008 for vehicles under 24 feet in length and under 7 tons. These temporary restrictions are due to continuing wet and icy conditions on the road.
No date has been determined for the opening of Bridalveil Campground.
Roadways may be wet due to ice and melting snow and wildlife is very active on the Glacier Point Road. Visitors are advised to drive with caution.
An opening date for the Tioga Road (Highway 120 outside the park) which crosses the Sierra Nevada through Yosemite National Park, has yet to be determined. (-NPS-)


Update on Tioga road Opening 4/24/08.
Tioga Road opening operations continued yesterday.
Tioga Road progress for April 23, 2008:
Starting Location: 11.3 miles from Crane Flat Gate
Ending Location:15 miles from Crane Flat Gate (Mc Swain Summit)
Distance plowed today: 3.7miles
Average Snow depth: 6 ft.
Update on Glacier Point Road 4/24/08
Glacier Point Road is open to Administrative Traffic only.
The road is very icy due to current spring temperatures and is not sanded.
Wawona Road crews will be performing shoulder and road repairs as needed from Chinquapin to Glacier Point.
The gate at Chinquapin will be closed for administrative traffic only. ( Contact 460 before Admin. traffic entersroadway).
Forestry crews are presently removing hazard trees on the Glacier Point road starting at Chinquapin to Glacier Point.
Please watch out for Road crews, Sign Shop and Forestry crews on roadway drive slow and drive defensively. (T.Brochini – 4/24/08)


Tioga Road Opening progress
Status of Tioga Road opening ending on 4/22/08.
Progress report:
April 21, 2008
Tioga Road progress for April 21, 2008
Starting Location: Crane Flat Gate
Ending Location:7.2 miles from Crane Flat Gate (South Fork Bridge)
Distance plowed today:7.2 miles
Snow depth: 4-5 ft.
April 22,2008
Tioga Road opening operations continued yesterday.
Tioga Road progress for April 22, 2008
Starting Location: South Fork Bridge
Ending Location:12.4 miles from Crane Flat Gate
Distance plowed today:5.2 miles
Average Snow depth: 5 ft. 9 (T. Brochini – 4/23/08)